Business In The 21st Century

The Challenge of Global Business

Business has undoubtedly changed almost beyond recognition in the past 20 years. The growth of the internet has brought the world to each and every business on earth.

Many businesses are of course not in need of world wide customers, but for the millions of companies that sell goods and services where geography is less relevant, the global market is well and truly open.

Not only can you now sell Continue reading

Popular Memory Cards

Store your Data Easily and Safely

Memory cards and sticks are available in several different capacities and dimensions. Different capacity memory storage cards are suited to different data storage applications. Hundreds of millions of Flash storage units are manufactured across the globe year in, year out, with many of these storage devices not Continue reading

Solar Lights For The Garden

A Guide to Solar Lights

Advances in solar lights technology have improved illumination quality while making the lights cheaper to buy.

Typically, there is less required by way of installation. Solar lighting is ideal for inaccessible and remote locations that don’t have a convenient 240 volt supply.

Solar powered technology is advancing Continue reading

Common UK Motoring Offences

These are the top ten driving offences where motoring solicitors can help

Solicitors who deal with general criminal law won’t always know the intricate legal arguments that can be used successfully to protect your licence if you have been accused of any of the road traffic offences below; Continue reading

Treasure Hunts On SmartPhones

Viespy Treasure Hunts

Every year, online gaming is becoming more popular with growing sales of mobiles and smartphones. Smartphone games are a particular area of growth due to the growing use of the devices.

Many games cost money to play making them expensive for children. Lots of paid for games do offer a free option with restrictions on Continue reading

Why You Need The Paleo Diet

What is the (Caveman) Paleo Diet?

The Caveman diet comes from the Paleolithic era, so is often called the Paleo diet. Hunter-Gatherers used to eat a simpler diet long before intensive farming introduced cheap easy to grow foods to service a growing population.

Many bulk grown foods that we eat today including Continue reading

Why It’s A Good Time To Quit Smoking

E-Cigarettes, Regulation and Tax Duty

Smoking regularly will shorten your life and increase your chances of contracting cancer. Cigarette smokers expose themselves to the increased odds of dying from cancer. All over the world, the tobacco industry has significant political influence.

Government Responsibility & Smoking

If all the UK’s smokers are deciding that it’s a good time to quit smoking, and as they stop, the government will lose over Continue reading

How To Improve Your Google Rankings

Restore Google Rankings

You need to understand which algorithm has penalized your website if you are going to fix it. The Penguin algorithm which measures backlink spam was launched on April 24th 2012 and a traffic drop on that day is the best indication that Google’s Penguin algorithm is the cause of your ranking penalty. If you see a drop in traffic on or around that date, then your linking profile is the cause.

The keywords that dominate your anchor text are the ones usually hit the hardest by Penguin.

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