Treasure Hunts On SmartPhones

Viespy Treasure Hunts

Every year, online gaming is becoming more popular with growing sales of mobiles and smartphones. Smartphone games are a particular area of growth due to the growing use of the devices.

Many games cost money to play making them expensive for children. Lots of paid for games do offer a free option with restrictions on some elements of the game play.

Many age old games have been updated for the internet including; patience, crosswords, suduko, chess, draughts and now, the age old game of iSpy.

ISpy was originally played by children using books with collections of different objects you need to find. When you find one of the objects you ticked it off on the page and carried on searching for the rest of the objects until you had found all 10 in the collection.

Monopoly Part 3 Completed

If you don’t have a smartphone you can play using a digital camera and upload photos straight to your PC and onto the online scoreboard. Smartphones can use the Apps for Android and iPhone devices.

This is a great game for treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, educational field trips, groups, clubs and societies.

Find out how to sign up free and start playing here;

Public missions are pre made lists of 10 items for you to try to find. Alternatively you can write your own mission, and play it in a Spyring of just your friends.

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Treasure hunts are a great way to entertain children on trips, days out, during school holidays, while away, at home or anywhere. Make your own personalised treasure hunts for you and your friends to complete.

A treasure hunt is a list of ten items that have to be found. Set different points for easier or harder items.

The more items you find on each mission, the more points you win and these points convert into coins so you can buy extra missions without having to spend money.

Play one of the hundreds of public missions and start collecting points, or create a new custom mission just for you.

Start playing today and join the Viespy revolution.

Viespy is growing quickly with thousands of new users every week. Join them, download the App and sign up today.

Foto Ferret is always coming up with new and exciting ways to get free Viespy goodies.

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