Avoiding Winter Property Damage

Inspect your Roof to Prevent Unwelcome Property Damage

The first point of protection for your house is the roof. It needs to withstand every type of weather condition all year round.

Small roof damage is often ignored but can quickly lead to more expensive repairs if not dealt with quickly.

Roofs are commonly made either of cement tiles or slate in the UK, although some properties may also have thatched or shingle tile coverings.

Repairing minor property damage, especially on your roof will save a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Your roof has a tough life, protecting you from everything Mother Nature can throw at it, rain, snow, hail, sleet, freezing cold as well as searing hot sunshine.

Your roof faces a lot of different stresses and strains because of the variety of different weather it has to face.

The expansion and contraction with the changing temperatures of the seasons can soon dislodge, crack tiles and slates, or cause them to slip out of position.

Your roofs components can also be damaged by wildlife, causing tiles and slates to move or slip.

Stormy weather will soon blow loose slates and tiles off your roof, causing a danger to people below.

Wintertime and a good storm very often reveal damage that has occurred previously. All it takes is a strong gust of wind to get under loose slates or tiles and large sections of your roof can come crashing down to earth, causing even more damage than to just the roof itself.

Leaks can very often occur around chimney breasts where cement work or lead is used to create a seal between the roof and the brickwork. Over time, with expansion and contraction, this flashing can degrade causing problems.

If allowed to decay, wooden fascias will rot, causing damage to your roof trusses which support your roof structure. This is expensive to repair.

Regular roof inspections and a little maintenance can save the expense of large repair bills in the longer term.

It makes sound economic sense to maintain your property to protect the investment you have made. With your roof, a stitch in time really does save nine.

Annual roofing inspections give you the piece of mind that your property is in good condition and prepared for the worst of the winter weather.

Knowing that your home is secure and watertight will give you piece of mind during the harshest of the winter months.

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